If a tree falls in the forest…

If we are not there in the forest when a tree falls, then we do not know if it makes a sound. If we plant a listening device in the forest to find out, then that device qualifies as being there. So again, we do not know. My opinion.

It’s easy to assume that “yes, it makes a sound.” But given certain experiences I have had, I suggest that we may need to rethink that knee-jerk response.

Case in point: this morning I awoke to find that a brand new roll of paper towels had been seriously shredded overnight just feet from my head…. yet I heard nothing.

There are mornings where I stumble into the kitchen to grab that first cup of caffeine charged java and find glasses knocked into the sink, breaking when they fell or pots that I left soaking on the counter on the floor, their contents, of course, spilled over a large area… yet I heard nothing. One morning, I found a ceramic cow my folks had bought for me on their trip through the west smashed to pieces on the ceramic tiles of the hearth below… and again, I heard nothing.

Some mornings, my kitchen looks as though there was a wild, rakish party overnight in the kitchen — cabinet doors flung open, newspapers and my pile of unpaid bills cast about everywhere, hairballs tossed on important notes and an errant pee spot in a corner of the kitchen — sometimes on an electrical outlet thus shorting out that whole row of outlets. Yet I heard nothing.

So seeing no way to disprove my thinking, I say that if a tree falls in the forest, it does so with great stealth and extreme quiet. Else I would know.

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